There is a rawness in the pureness

and something pure in the rawness


Rebekka Scharf did rhythmic gymnastics on a competition basis before 

she dedicated herself entirely to dance. She continued her education in New York at the Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham School and the Broadway Dance Center and graduated as a certified dancer and dance teacher at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz.


Since then she has performed on various musical stages (Space Dream Sage 3, Dracula, Best of Musicals in Vienna, ...), in show theater (Zoofest, Jonathan Huor, Nadine Imboden), in magic shows (dancer and assistant of Julius Frack and Peter Valance), in dance theater (D'schwyz tanzt, Das tanzte Gedicht, ...) and in musical theater (3 Players, Louis Näf, Mariana Coviello). One of the highlights of her career was her participation in the "Stille Nacht" - Tour together with The Kelly Family. She performed there as a dancer (  Pas de Deux and Group) and background singer.

With the company Cie Quilla, Rebekka Scharf performs mainly in the dark mystical gothic scene. Their short pieces "My velvet little disaster I + II" had their debut at the Swiss Gothic Night in the castle of Thun. Further short pieces like "L'enfant sauvage", "Where is my house" and "Passage" followed. The last one was shown at the HR Giger Museum in Gruyére for the 20th anniversary, inspired by the HR Giger painting "The Way of Magician".


Most recently she was seen in the piece "Animist" by and with Bettina Zumstein at the Theater am Gleis, which premiered as part of "tanz unplugged" | "Tanzfestival Winterthur".


As a choreographer she worked with the conductor Patrick Furrer and the singer Zhao Deng Feng for a music and dance project in China in 2014. She also choreographed the short piece "Charlie" with the Cie.AHA!Plus, which was performed at the Theater am Gleis in 2020.


Further choreographic works: 


Les Düsteren Zofen (2014)

Alice in Wonderland (2017)

Busy Broken (2019)

Strayed Fairies (2019)


Sources of inspiration for her is music; especially in the genres Hard Rock and Gothic - music to immerse and lose yourself. Her ideas are influenced by surrealism; clear structures and lines, insect-like, jagged, animalistic movements blur into the absurd-human and back again. Dark, mysterious, mystical and lost places as well as everyday situations, ranging from strange and funny to tragic in themselves, are the starting point of her creations and decisive for her research. Stories that play out life, slightly exaggerated with deeper insights into life or its paths in themselves. 


She works as a dance teacher in Zurich, Winterthur and Lucerne.


"It's the magic of music. You just lose yourself in it and forget yourself, and in those moments nothing else matters"

Ville Valo



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