There is a rawness in the pureness

and something pure in the rawness


Rebekka Scharf practiced rhythmic gymnastics on a competition level before devoting herself entirely to dance. She continued her education in New York at Martha Graham and Cunningham School, Broadway Dance Center, ... and graduated as a graduate dancer and dance teacher from Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz.


Since then she has been seen on various musical stages (Space Dream Saga 3, Dracula, Best of Musicals in Vienna,...), in magic shows (dancer and assistant to Julius Frack and Peter Valance), operettas (Wiener Blut), dance theatre (D'schwyz tanzt, Das geanzte Gedicht,...) and on concert tours (Stille Nacht Tour, Kelly Family) at home and abroad.

Their focus is on expressive dance, to bring out the poetic and lyrical in dance and to unite it with powerful movements. She finds her inspiration in the music fields of hard rock and gothic, the dark and desperately aggressive as well as the dramatic fascinates her.


"It's the magic of music. You just lose yourself in it and forget yourself, and in those moments nothing else matters" - Ville Valo


Since June 2014 Rebekka Scharf has been graduated as a certified event manager (incl. sponsoring).

She is teaching in Zurich, Winterthur and Lucerne.